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Helen McGuinness Aesthetic & Beauty Training International is an established beauty and aesthetic training provider established in 1992. We have trained thousands of professionals both nationally and internationally.

In order to facilitate our training courses, we require models at certain times to receive treatment by Practitioners undertaking professional training. Models can enjoy high quality, results driven treatments at a subsidised cost due to the fact they are receiving their treatment in a training environment.

As a model you receive the treatment at a heavily discounted price, which enables you to get the treatment you want at an attractive cost, whilst also taking advantage of high-quality products giving amazing results.

Training Model Clients

(Application to be a Model at Helen McGuinness Aesthetic & Beauty Training)

Want to become a Training Model ?

In order to become a client training model, please complete and submit the registration form below.

Whenever we require models for a training course, we send out emails detailing the dates, treatments available and costs. Appointments are offered on a first come, first served basis. We have an ever-growing database of models and these treatments are in high demand, so we recommend getting in touch with us straight away if you are interested in a particular treatment and date. 

In order to book a treatment please email or telephone us on 023 8026 6448 in the first instance and we will then advise you of availability.

Training Model Registration Form

Training Model Registration Form

In order to register as a training model for student client sessions, please complete all fields in the form below and then click on the submit button

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Terms and Conditions for Training Models

By registering as a model for HMABTI (Helen McGuinness Aesthetic & Beauty Training International) you are agreeing to the following terms and the conditions:

    1. HMABTI is training company for professionals who wish to learn Beauty and Aesthetic procedures in a salon / clinic environment.
    2. HMABTI only provide appointments for scheduled course dates, and all appointments must be confirmed before attending.
    3. All appointments are subject to course availability and specific course scheduling.
    4. Models attending for treatments on a training course are there to help with the learning needs of our students.
    5. As model attendance is paramount to the structure of the course, we kindly ask that models are reliable with their appointment times.
    6. All treatments provided on the day will be based on the indications required for that specific course and date.
    7. HMABTI reserves the right to select models based on indication and may refuse treatments if the indications are not suitable for training purposes.
    8. Model applicants are responsible for reviewing all the information provided regarding each procedure and potential problems that can occur.
    9. You are aware that you are acting as model for the beauty / aesthetic procedure and that the individuals who are administering the procedure are being trained and are supervised.
    10. You are aware that HMABTI cannot guarantee the same results and protocol as a full price treatment with an experienced Professional due to the fact that it is a training session.
    11. You are aware there is a fee payable as a model in order to cover the cost of consumables and that this is payable at the time of your appointment.
    12. You understand that beauty and aesthetics is not an exact science and therefore no guarantee can be given as to the results of the treatment.
    13. You accept and understand that the goal of treatments is improvement, not perfection, and that there is no guarantee that the anticipated results will be achieved.
    14. You understand that appointment times may be delayed due to the fact it is a training environment.
    15. You understand that before and after photographs will be taken for our records these may also be used for training and marketing purposes.
    16. By attending as a model, you declare that you have no known allergies, medical conditions, or contraindications to the treatments you request.
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