Plasma Pen Training Course

For advanced therapists wishing to offer this revolutionary skin tightening procedure that is taking the aesthetic industry by storm.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be qualified to:

    • Perform Plasma pen fibroblast skin tightening to a very safe and effective commercial standard.
    • Offer your clients a range of skin tightening opportunities without the need for surgery.
    • Substantially increase your salon revenue.


Course Summary

    • 1 Day.
    • 9.30 am to 4.00 pm.
    • Course Fee – £1895
    • Deposit £495
    • Balance payable 14 days prior to course attendance date.
    • Includes High Quality CE Certificated German Plasma Pen Device.

Plasma Pen Training Course Overview

(Fibroblast Skin lifting and Rejuvenation)


Plasma skin tightening is a non-invasive precision technique that focuses on lifting and tightening loose skin on the face and body, with long-lasting results.

Originally developed for medical applications, plasma has now emerged as an aesthetic treatment and offers a non-invasive route to results that rival cosmetic surgery and lasts just as long.

This treatment is ideal for people wanting to look like a younger fresher version of themselves and are looking for a method of skin tightening that will deliver similar results to surgery without the scalpel, stitches, bandages and prolonged downtime.

Plasma may be used for skin tightening around the eyes, wrinkles, frown lines, loose skin on the jaw and neck, as well for a range of skin lesions including skin tags, moles, stretch marks etc.

The device used for the procedure uses plasma, an ionized gas between the tip of the tool and the patient’s skin. During the procedure electric arc forms, referred to as a plasma flash. Only the surface of the skin is touched causing the tissue to retract and tighten with amazing results.

Earning Potential

Omce qualified to offer Plasma Fibroblast Skin Lifting treatments to your clients, you will be able to charge from around £200 upwards. Please see the table below for area treatment pricing.

The Revolutionary way to achieve non-surgical Skin Tightening with a Plasma Pen

Applications include:

    • Eyelid tightening
    • Scars and acne scars
    • Mini-Facelift
    • Eyebrow lift
Plasma Pen Training Female Model before and after
    • Forehead wrinkles
    • Neck wrinkles tightening
    • nasolabial folds
    • double chin
Plasma Pen Training Female Model before and after
    • lips and mouth folds
    • pigment spots
    • fibroids
    • Stretch Marks
Plasma Pen Training Female Model before and after

What can I charge once I am qualified in Plasma Skin Tightening?

The following table is a sample of the guide prices you will be able to charge per treatment once you are qualified.

Treatment Area

Price Range (from)

Upper Eyelid tightening


Upper and Lower eye lid tightening

£495 (if carried out at same appointment)

Brow lift


Neck lift (full)


Lower face (nasolabial, marionette, smokers, lower lips and chin lines)




Forehead lines


Nasolabial lines (nose to mouth lines)


Abdomen/ tummy

from £595 (price depending on extent of area to be treated)


1st wart £95.00, each subsequent wart £75.00 (if treated at same appointment)

Arms (bingo wings)

From £495 (price depending on extent of area to be treated)

Stretch marks

From £349 (price depending on extent of area to be treated)

The PlasM Plasma Pen Device


Included within the cost of your training, the PlasM professional Plasma Pen is a specialist device only available for purchase through approved Trainers like Helen McGuinness.

There are a lot of plasma pens on the market, so what is special about the PlasM ?

The PlasM was developed with a team of doctors and users and is a 100% made in Germany ensuring quality build and performance.

The PlasM Plasma Pen is quality certified and EMC approved. Each device comes with it’s own certification of conformity.

You can rest assured you are working with a Cosmetic Brand that is well known in Germany and is very safe and effective for use to provide outstanding results for your clients.

Plasma Pen Training Female Model before and after

Upper Lids – Before and After

Plasma Pen Training Female Model before and after

Course Content

On this course you will learn:

    • Introduction to Plasma Pen skin tightening.
    • Benefits of Plasma skin tightening.
    • Indications for treatment.
    • Anatomy and Physiology- The Histology of Skin Ageing.
    • The science behind how Plasma works.
    • Plasma devices and electrical arcing.
    • Health and safety precautions.
    • Contra-indications and contra-actions.
    • Client consultation, protocol and informed consent.
    • Plasma technique.
    • Differences in devices.
    • Step by step of Plasma skin tightening treatments to a range of areas.
    • Results clients can expect.
    • The stages of wound healing.
    • Post treatment care/ post treatment restrictions.
    • Treatment planning, frequency and pricing.

Course Information

Entrance requirements

Our Plasma Pen training course is for therapists / non- medics qualified to NVQ Level 3 or equivalent (inclusive of Anatomy & Physiology), as well as Medical practitioners. Microblading / SPMU artists may also eligible for this course.

Exam / assessment info

You will be assessed by continual practical observation throughout the course and written assessment, to ensure that you have all the knowledge that you will need to practice your skills professionally.

NB. Please note as this is such a precise skill, depending on your level of skill and experience we recommend you devote time to practising before going fully commercial.

Qualification / Certification

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a ‘Plasma Skin Tightening Diploma’  by Helen McGuinness Health & Beauty Training International.

Insurance and Membership

Our Diploma is accepted by Insync and Finch for insurance to practice professionally.

Crows Feet – Before and After

Plasma Pen Training Male Model before and after

Plasma Pen Training Course Questions ?

11 + 12 =

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